Look at me, such a liar

Yesterday, I took a trip to St. George Island. The weather wasn’t ideal but I had a lot of fun. I love having picnics.

The day before, as promised, I went to the Ulta Grand Opening. I got there around 8:30am and was lucky enough to be one of the first 100 there, and even luckier to have drawn a $10 off gift certificate!

I was surprised that much of the items I included on my list were not in stock, especially the Vivids lipsticks, so I lied. I didn’t buy anything except…

tarte glamazon™ pure performance 12-hour lipstick in playful

Combined with a $3.50 off coupon, I was able to get this and a few goodies for about $13. Thirteen bucks is still steep for a lipstick but I have been waiting for some kind of deal on it since last August. I was very pleased with myself leaving the store. Expect a full review with my own pictures soon.

I’m currently on Spring Break, so I’ll be pounding out the last few of my post-graduation applications and writing a short story for class for the majority of this week. I chose not to go home this year… conditions just weren’t ideal and for some reason my brother and I had different weeks off this month. Oh well, going to enjoy this week for myself. Hopefully heading to dog park or the lake today :3






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