Ulta List

Yes! Finally! Our local Ulta Beauty store has officially opened and the Grand Opening event will be this Friday. I’ve read that they tend to give out gift certificates for the grand opening so I am definitely making it a point to be there on Friday. I visit a few days ago and I was completely overwhelmed. It was by far the biggest Ulta I have ever been to. I only left with one item, which turned out to be subpar from I expected, so I will be hopefully returning that. (Still haven’t mastered their return policy) I was, however, able to use a level 5 reward I got in the mail. I was able to get the Ahava Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash in the scent Hibiscus & Fig for free, which retails for $23. I would never normally pay that much for body wash, so I am interested in how well it will perform especially since I have very dry skin. It will definitely be a while before I try the product, as I am trying to use some other shower gels at the moment but I will make sure to give my impressions on a future blog post.

For my next visit, I am also making it a point to have a list! Yes, a LIST. If you are anything like me, I can forget things instantly if I’m overstimulated and end up trailing around the store trying to remember if I don’t carry a list with me. It sounds so mundane, but it’s necessary since this store is so freaking huge.

I’ve been eyeing several products, particularly from NYX and Maybelline. I’ve never tried NYX before, and they’re relatively cheap and cruelty free. The last thing I ever used from Maybelline was their Wet Shine Diamonds Lipstick in like.. elementary school. So… terrible. I thought they were so cool. They’ve probably changed their formula/application since then but I’ll be honest when I say I have not typically cared for their products… until now.

That’s all for now! I’ll be posting a formal introduction and mission for this blog soon, a Too Faced shipment I’m waiting on, and a review on the Sweetheart VoxBox I recently received from Influenster!

xo, BerryAmbitious


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